I am Still Here!

I doth drove-ith me beloved steel steed, Volvo, across this beautiful country to my current lodgings in Wyoming. Within a proximity of one hour to Denver airport, where I was-ith to retrieve my fair lady, Lucifer himself – with such ferocity – smote with true aim at mine own innards . The pain that ebbed within would intensify, which begot me to the emergency room in Colorado. With haste we would learnt that a Cecal Volvulus is what ailed me. Nay, this was no Beelzebub conjured up by a Warlock. Twas simply my large colon twisted onto itself, causing life threatening conditions, for the twisted part would become so necrotic not even a Necromancer could resurrect me for I would be ravaged by fever till my soul would be a part of this world no more. But Providence herself bless-ed me in the form of steady hands! Steady hands of the surgeon Dr. Ferrigno!! She tamed the beast of death by removing 2 feet of organ. Do not fret for God bless-ed me with redundant colon.


Rejoice! For this test of whits, courage and friendship happened a year and three days ago!


Sheep Mountain, Wyoming

“All broken, battered and scarred,
Just have one more try — it’s dead easy to die,
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.” -R.S.

3 thoughts on “I am Still Here!

  1. i be most pleased your still among us, whilst it be body and spirit makes it most splendid. even whilst thou guts removed thou still remains plenty to participate in thy rugby matches!


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