I am Still Here!

I doth drove-ith me beloved steel steed, Volvo, across this beautiful country to my current lodgings in Wyoming. Within a proximity of one hour to Denver airport, where I was-ith to retrieve my fair lady, Lucifer himself – with such ferocity – smote with true aim at mine own innards . The pain that ebbed within would intensify, which begot me to the emergency room in Colorado. With haste we would learnt that a Cecal Volvulus is what ailed me. Nay, this was no Beelzebub conjured up by a Warlock. Twas simply my large colon twisted onto itself, causing life threatening conditions, for the twisted part would become so necrotic not even a Necromancer could resurrect me for I would be ravaged by fever till my soul would be a part of this world no more. But Providence herself bless-ed me in the form of steady hands! Steady hands of the surgeon Dr. Ferrigno!! She tamed the beast of death by removing 2 feet of organ. Do not fret for God bless-ed me with redundant colon.


Rejoice! For this test of whits, courage and friendship happened a year and three days ago!


Sheep Mountain, Wyoming

“All broken, battered and scarred,
Just have one more try — it’s dead easy to die,
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.” -R.S.