Crouched, curled, listing over a computer keyboard I was. It’s actually so old of a laptop it’s almost a typewriter. Well that is how is serves me and this day and age all you need is a screen and internet. Once you are connected to the cloud all of your computing can be done elsewhere. Hurray…. But I don’t care for the said subject for I noticed something before me… this door.


The scene of this door holds me. Perplexes me. So I took pictures. I even tried to jar it opened, to which a worker asked me – in English because for some reason in Indonesia no one wants to speak Bahasa Indonesia with you and thus you never become proficient at a second language, aahh the horror… –, ‘what are you looking for?’ He inquired.

“The quickest way to the Goblin King.”

Looks of confusion flashed across this gentleman’s face. I wanted him to open the door. I wanted to step through. I wanted to find Dinosaurs. I wanted to fight ninjas and save babies!

Curiosity is such a driver!

Would you literally step through the door?

Would life be too busy for you to be curious or even to notice? Well, here be curious. Step through and see what you want.


In two weeks’ time I will show you what I found.