Jon is his name. Well Jon is a boring name. Why is it a boring name you may ask? Well we could acknowledge perspective or we could discuss its usage. Jon is a name from the bible. Devout Christians have used the bible for name inspiration. These names are unchanging. Cultural names, where are they from? Like Fritz? Is it German for Fred or is Fritz from something else entirely? Like rock, a rock is a hard mineral. We as humans made some sounds and everyone agreed in England that is what you say when you talk/address/indicate when your discourse is concerning a hard mineral. But do names have more meaning when referring to a creature or a human being? What’s in a name? Jon has a name, but if no one ever calls him by it will he ever respond to it? A rock will never respond to a name, but then again I do not know that many rocks or rock — rock is used only in the context of many different types of rock and rocks is used as the plural for many of the same rock, but only when there are a bunch of individuals. (Well this becoming a bit obsessive.) We like to give names to things before we completely understand them and then we like to ‘paint’ limits for these names so that we can remove the reality, which — for me — is that we are not gods, but lose sight on our capacity when we fancy ourselves absolute…. I really like the name Jon; it is quite interesting because every name can be great.