The Awakening


Batik Studio, Dukuh Village, Yogyakarta

The awakening of human potential. We beings of thought. We beings of passion. We beings of creation. Now, and since the beginning we have the capacity to peer into the darkness and hope. The smirk that sparks the revolution. We can march to the beat we chose.  We will never again create limits for ourselves, age, children, debt and so on. We worker bees. We visionaries. We united beings for a better today that is what we are. The age of the Entrepreneur is upon us and we are filled with plights for much more than money. We rather die than ignore the beating in our chest. Woe to the darkness for this will be bright. Come now, join hand in hand. We will march and we will sing. For those that have been benighted will no longer be found. Opportunities are abounding and much work is ahead of us. The storm in bleak, but we will forge a new path for others to follow. Unite my brothers and sisters! Let’s toil for each other, let us band together for value does not exists in paper, but within our hearts. Be wild you wild thing! Let your mind guide and your heart drive. Now to arms, not against our fellow man, but to the darkness of fear!