Is it, true that we are 60% bananas? (A statistic hanging in the Smithsonian of Natural History.) How can this be!?! I am not peel-able: I do not sprout from a bush or a tree! I have feet, not roots!

If this be true than Facebook comprises of 60% bananas or the notion that six tenths times banana plus sugar and spice would yield human woman…! But, if I eat a banana and shit it out, will I always be 60% banana? Have we always shared 60% of our genome? What if, a banana ate a person!?!

What do we have in common with a banana anyway? A green banana is not ripe. A green person wants a trash can. A yellow banana needs to be eaten. A yellow person needs a better liver. How fascinating is a 40% difference in our blueprint would yield arms and legs! (What complexity there is in the genome.)

I am not 60% banana nor is a banana sharing any percent of a human. What we have in common is the time we have spent together! Though we will never have a friendship with a banana, we do, however, have a relationship. Now that is something that will drive you bananas.

Bananas exist to be eaten, to be thrown, to be tossed by Mario, to be blended, to be forgotten, to be planted … to be sold at Walmart. Our effect on bananas also has an effect on us. E.g. When we throw a banana it pushes back on our muscles to which our mind is intimately connected.