(Disclaimer: racy language in recording.)

We want to be driven, driven mad by desire, just as wild as a dervish with purpose – a purpose that pushes us to corners unknown, to create; this is our true happiness. The richness of purpose drives people to better the world. They are not happy because they have money. They are happy because they can create marching ripples of interest anew. Everyone accepts money for their limited time. “Thank you sir for giving me this coloured piece of paper that has been dirtied many a time. I will now make the coffee drink you requested of me, with resentment of course because I am younger and full of entitlement. Meanwhile, please delight in this week’s old newspaper.” To abuse your opportunity is a disrespect unto thyself. Now, you will have to waste more of your own precious time to overcome that ill-fated gesture. Next time, be sure to vote in such a way that gives rise to the purpose you see fit. Then the time you spend will be well spent on others.

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